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POEFinearts - Fine Art painted Scenic or Color Panels, Prints, Fabrics by the Yard, Linens, Comforters - Duvets, Pillows, Ceramics, and more for your home or office
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and all of our websites are updating daily.  To purchase Home Decor items available now, please join us at our home site, Portraitsofelegance.com      We thank you for understanding.


True Color

Color Panels are painted by fine arts artist,
Debora Nash, direct from the natural colors of nature and earth.  Turn any plain room into an amazing room with vibrant natural color


The selection of fabrics by the yard for drapes, bed linens, throw pillows, blanket throws for the sofa or ceramics is now a simple task to match your decorating needs

Size or Shape

The selection of sizes for prints, shapes, gallery wraps, framed, the variety of Mix and Match prints can solve so many decisions for your decor needs

Dining Room Fabrics and Decor

Natural Earth Color for the Living Space

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To order our Fabrics by the Yard or the Dining and Bedding Fabrics they are available at the Portraitsofelegance.com website or at our
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